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Planet Bike is a small, professional company, which is committed to the highest standards in safety and service. We believe students learn when they are involved and having fun so we encourage discussion, problem solving and participation at all levels. Our instructors will ensure responsible behaviour and respect for the environment whilst encouraging students to extend themselves both physically and mentally. We also appreciate the importance of students being able to relate to their instructors, to this end we offer both female and male instructors and assistants.

Rotorua is the perfect destination for school groups. We have beautiful lakes, hot pools and countless other activities and attractions. There are plenty of choices regarding accommodation, with campsites, backpackers and motels for every budget. Whakarewarewa Forest is a wonderful facility with horse riding, walking trails and mountain biking for every level of fitness and ability and is ideally situated close to the town centre, which means no time is wasted on travelling. We can recommend or arrange all of your accommodation and other activities.

Introduction to Mountain Biking (2 hours)

This includes the importance of size and fit of bike and helmet. We teach the correct use of brakes, gear selection and the fundamental elements of riding position and technique. The aim of this workshop is to introduce students to the fun of mountain biking, allowing them to build their confidence on purpose built mountain bike trails. It is suitable for all secondary school students irrespective of their fitness or experience.

Full Day Mountain Biking / Bike Maintenance Workshop

This includes the half-day introduction to mountain biking, plus basic bike maintenance and repairs. We also cover trip planning and clothing options. The price includes all materials, equipment and a qualified instructor and assistant. It is suitable for all secondary school students irrespective of their fitness or experience.

Physical Education Classes

These are classes designed and structured to offer exercise and fun to students of any fitness or ability. The emphasis is on participation and we take care to ensure the mountain biking involved is within the capability of all the students. The objective of these classes is to introduce students to the fun of outdoor exercise. Mountain biking is non-competitive in this format and many students who don’t excel in other sports, really come into their own through mountain biking. Success is a key ingredient in building confidence and we guarantee that every student will succeed with us. Mountain biking is a fun and exciting activity in a beautiful environment that provides an ideal balance to the more formalised sports such as rugby and netball, within any physical education programme.

We will customise a course based upon your specific requirements and budget.

Introduction to Mountain Biking (half day)

This extended introduction covers everything in the 2 hour workshop, plus hill climbing and safe descending. We cover the importance of safety in the forest and respect for the environment. During the half day each student will be able to put into practice what they have learnt with our instructors, who will be using demonstrations and student based learning to ensure that this workshop is relevant and fun. We also have time to assess each student to ensure they have understood the fundamentals of riding position and technique. It is suitable for all secondary school students irrespective of their fitness or experience.

Two Day Mountain Biking Workshop / Assessment

This includes the half-day introduction to mountain biking, the basic bike maintenance and leadership/team building workshops, plus a half-day student assessment. This informal assessment requires students in small groups to plan a bike ride, including all equipment and supplies necessary, decide on a route and using a detailed map complete the ride. They will be accompanied by an ‘observer’ to whom they will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of what has been taught in the previous day and a half.

Language Schools

Language School students of all ages and abilities enjoy our 2 hour mountain bike ride. We ensure they have a safe, fun time to remember.

First Aid Courses


We offer a range of first aid courses, which can be taught in conjunction with any other package we offer, or on their own.
Prices on a request basis only.

Full Day Mountain Biking / Leadership and Team-building Skills Workshop

This includes the half-day introduction to mountain biking plus a ride out into the forest where students in teams of four or five can, with the use of either verbal directions or with maps follow a route described by the instructor. The students take it in turns to lead their team and you will find it an excellent way of spotting those leadership qualities that are essential attributes for next years prefects. This is also a very effective team building exercise where students learn to trust and respect one another.

NZQA Unit Standard in Mountain Biking


This is an 8 hour course which covers the basics of bike maintenance, trip planning, health and safety issues and a code of ethics of mountain biking. Off road biking skills are taught on forest roads, four wheel drive tracks and single track. This course is suitable for all secondary school students irrespective of their fitness or experience and can be taught over two or three days or at your convenience

Combo Packages

Planet Bike offers great combo packages with kayaking, rafting, horse riding and indoor climbing. For example your school group could do our Two-Day Mountain Biking Workshop combined with one day of kayaking instruction, a half-day of rafting and a half-day of indoor climbing. Or alternatively you may want to combine our Two-Hour Introduction to Mountain Biking with a one-hour horse ride. The companies we work with have the highest standards of safety and service and qualified instructors will ensure your students have fun while they learn.
We will customise any package to your specific requirements.